2015 Spring Show

Another great and diverse turnout of plants by members of the Society for our Spring Show – to which this page is dedicated

BEST in Show

BEST Hybrid

BEST Dendrobium

This Dendrobium Rainbow Dance was awarded three trophies:


Best In Show

(The Hazel Noon Cup)


Best Hybrid

(The Wol Trophy)


Best Dendrobium

(The Dr. Basil Frances Shield)


Congratulations to Mr Neville Dunn who exhibited it.

Dendrobium Rainbow Dance
Dendrobium Rainbow Dance


BEST Paphiopedilum

This Paphiopedilum Julius was awarded two trophies:


Reserve Best In Show

(The Yendell Trophy)


Best Paphiopedilum

(The Alan Hutt Trophy)


Congratulations to Mr David Webb who exhibited it.

Paphiopedilum Julius
Paphiopedilum Julius

BEST Specie

This Dendrobium Harveyanum exhibited by Mr. Baxter Henderson was awarded


Best Specie

(The British Orchid Council Trophy)

Dendrobium harveyanum
Dendrobium harveyanum

BEST Cattleya

This Brassavola fragrans exhibited by Mr. Baxter Heddle was awarded


Best Cattleya

(The Hendley Trophy)

Brassavola fragrans
Brassavola fragrans

BEST Cymbidium

This Cymbidium Hybrid exhibited by Ms. Joan Taylor was awarded


Best Cymbidium

(The Canterbury Trophy)

Cymbidium hybrid
Cymbidium hybrid

BEST Phalaenopsis

This Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi exhibited by Mr. David Webb was awarded


Best Phalaenopsis

(The Phalaenopsis Trophy)

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi

BEST Phragmipedium

This Phragmipedium Don Wimber exhibited by Mr. Baxter Henderson was awarded


Best Phragmipedium (The Alan Hutt Cup)

Phragmipedium Don Wimber
Phragmipedium Don Wimber

BEST Odontoglossum Alliance Exhibit

This Rhynchostele rossii exhibited by Mr. Mark Foster was awarded


Best Odontoglossum Alliance Exhibit

(The Eileen Goff Trophy)

 Rhynchostele rossii
Rhynchostele rossii

BEST Exhibit In Novice Class

This Phalaenopsis Hybrid exhibited by Ms. Carol Rose was awarded



Best Exhibit In Novice Class

(The Novice Trophy)

Phalaenopsis hybrid
Phalaenopsis hybrid